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From the historical Biscotto Salute, now available in a renewed version, to the Healthy range, in Low-salt, Organic, Wholegrain and No Added Sugar varieties: the Monviso range of rusks has never been so rich!


Low-salt Breadsticks and Wholegrain Crackers, delicious Bruschette, versatile Croutons and crispy Crustini: a wide variety of healthy and tasty products to accompany a meal or for a quick break.


The patisserie range is the latest challenge undertaken by Monviso. This new segment is represented by the innovative CreMon, the first cream-filled biscuit made by Monviso, “deliciously healthy” and created to suit all tastes.


Monviso joined the strategic food service channel in 2016, proposing a range of single portion snacks comprising rusks (Biscotto Salute and Io Sono) and biscuits (Frollini and Petit).


Monviso boasts of a high specialization in the production of sweet biscuits sold to major ice cream manufacturers to form “ice cream sandwiches”. Monviso offers biscuits for ice cream of different shapes and sizes, trying to satisfy all tastes.

“Respect for nature, passion for what we do,
a tradition with over 80 years of history,
an innovative spirit, conceptually and technologically:
this is the essence of Monviso”


Alessandro Manfredi Cusmano, CEO

Focus on

July 2018

The Biscotto Salute in a renewed version enriched with delicious ingredients

Can a rusk be good but light at the same time? Can it appeal to adults and children alike? Can it pair well with delicious ingredients? Monviso thinks so. The historical Biscotto Salute has evolved into several delicious new varieties: a range of sweet rusks enriched with Blueberries, Cocoa beans and coconut, and Cereals, irresistible even on their own. The new varieties of Monviso’s most symbolic product are unique and really delicious rusks, a tangible expression of the concept of “healthy treats”: the renewed Biscotto Salute is 100% vegetable, palm oil-free (Monviso is the first major Italian brand in the sector to offer products that are completely palm oil-free) and lactose-free, for a new enjoyment of well-being.

May 2018

Takeover of Grissinificio Europa srl

The takeover of Grissinificio Europa Srl, a well-known artisan producer of breadsticks and bakery products based in the province of Cuneo, was completed on Wednesday the 9th of May 2018. The takeover of Grissinificio Europa, established in 1990 since when it had been controlled by the Mosca family, is of strategic value, as it allows Monviso Srl to enter new markets with a wide range of bakery products, strengthening its visibility and expanding its product range. Monviso currently operates through four plants located in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto, and the operation in the town of Corneliano d’Alba is part of a project to grow and strengthen our company, in keeping with the Monviso strategy, aimed at exporting the finest tradition of food Made in Italy all over the world.

May 2016

Monviso: the 100% palm oil-free brand

Having always been the leader in the high-quality, healthy bakery products sector, Monviso now faces the market as the first major Italian brand in the sector to offer a range of completely palm oil-free products. This is most significant in the production of traditional rusks, which continue to be made by other brands exclusively with palm oil. The Company has been deploying all its resources for over a year in order to extend its lead and anticipate ongoing market evolution and the various nutritional requirements of consumers.

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