What’s the best way to start the day? With a healthy, balanced nourishing breakfast to give you all the energy you need. Our traditional Biscotto Salute, which has always offered the best of the typical Italian breakfast, has recently been joined by the brand-new Blueberry, Cocoa bean and coconut and Four-cereal wholegrain varieties. And of course there’s the innovative Io Sono range of rusks, conceived to promote a new dietary balance, available in Wholegrain and Organic versions, Low Salt rusks for a low sodium diet, and No added sugar rusks for people who are attentive to daily intake of sugars.

In its original and unique recipe containing simple, natural ingredients, the Biscotto Salute offers the best of the typical Italian breakfast: quick, light, nourishing and capable of filling you with energy without leaving you feeling heavy.

Biscotto Salute

4-cereal Biscotto Salute

4-cereal wholegrain Biscotto Salute

Biscotto Salute with blueberries

Biscotto Salute with cocoa beans and coconut

A range of rusks focused on nutritional and health requirements, to satisfy consumers by offering them the possibility to choose. 100% wellness in two varieties.

Io Sono wholegrain

Io Sono organic

With linseed oil and vitamin D2, low in saturated fat and salt.

Low-salt rusk

With only 1.25% of sugar and low in saturated fats, ideal for a healthy and light diet.

No added sugar rusk

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