The story of the Biscotto Salute dates back to the Turin of almost a century ago, when the typical Italian breakfast consisted of coffee, milk and a simple “biscotto salute” (meaning healthy biscuit), originating from the tradition of Italian bread and biscuit making, alongside products characterised by the “biscotte” baking technique (the Italian word for biscuit being “biscotto”, which literally means “cooked twice”).

The Biscotto Salute unites all the lightness of a rusk with the goodness of a biscuit. It can be spread with jam or eaten alone, like a biscuit.

The unmistakable taste of the Biscotto Salute is the result of a traditional technique for the processing of simple and genuine ingredients. Three kneading processes, six hours of natural leavening and meticulous toasting make the product light and easy to digest.

The best of the Italian breakfast, with respect for tradition.

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